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Meet people with the same interests as you.
Or not. It's cool to open your mind as well. :)

How does it work?

Receive invitations by email to meet other people and socialize!

Meet in bars, cafés or restaurants near you.

Give only the necessary data to make it work. We care about your privacy.

1. Sign up

First, sign up with your email address to then access to your preferences page. The first step is the hardest to take, but then it's easier.

(If you haven't seen the signup button before, we have put it again below)

2. Add interests

On your preference page, write a list of your interests in English.
For example, below are the latests interests added by the community.

3. Add places

Add places near where you live and where you would like to meet people regularly. Weekly, Monthly, it is up to you to arrange yourself. ;)

You can search by name for places you already know, or simply add those which are already displayed and where there are already other people meeting.

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4. Socialize!

Finally, wait to get an invitation by email every week to meet people based on your places and interests.
More you will have places and interests in common, faster you will get to meet people. ;)

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